About Cheryl!


I am Cheryl! Tisland and this site is about everything that I am with opinions, thoughts, and information about everything and anything that is part of my world….my LyrehcWorld.

I have a great job as a Senior Software Engineer  in Chandler, AZ

I graduated from California State University in San Marcos with a B.S. in Computer Science.

Those two things kind of define what I do rather than who I am.  Who I am is much harder to describe as it requires much more detail and thought. I guess to really get a feel for who I am, you will need to read the various ramblings that have been posted here.

I have many, many very wonderful friends.  Some I see once in a while, some I see nearly every day, and the others fall somewhere in between.  I enjoy my time with all of them.  I move fast, and I function  best when I have taken on twice as much as I can handle. Friends call me Tornado Girl…this is because I can spin very fast for a very long time without getting dizzy and whenever I do anything I seem to blow through it like a tornado.

I am just a go-with-the-flow, free-spirited, don’t-be-a-jerk-to-me type of chick.