Random Thought

Misty morning, clouds in the sky

Without warning, the wizard walks by

Casting his shadow, weaving his spell

Funny clothes, tinkling bell

Dancing To A Different Drum…

My life is bound by the choices I’ve made
Threaded through the pages of my mind
An open book for those who care to read
My flowing thoughts are rarely confined

My dreams, they toss and turn me
Gentle slumber rarely comes
I run circles around my energy
And dance to a different drum

Silent contentment hides in the abyss
I ricochet off its shield
From time to time I catch a glimpse
Tho never entirely revealed

A special soul with content eyes
Can admire my whimsical grace
We two shall be immortalized
Dancing through shared space


Age 35

Where Is The Wind?

My reality has become a hopeless dream
And I feel lost and alone
Find me a place that’s as real as it seems
I need a river that flows

Can I hitch a ride on your boat
Can you take me to the open sea
Will it sink or will it float?
Can we get where I want to be?

I ask for direction and look for the way
But nothing seems to be clear
The fog is thick and the wind calls my name
Which way do I need to steer?

Can you set sail for somewhere
Please take me along.
The winds of fate can guide us there
To the tune of the ocean song.

I wander alone out here each day
While you wander through my space.
Won’t you please just take me away?
Take me to a new place.


Age 32

Plenty Of Sand

I live in a bit of a fairy land
where my optimism seems to run free
The hourglass has plenty of sand
and I have faith in what is meant to be

And I am told of the good and evil
and the balance of it all
where the nightmares become real
and the lurkers come to call

But I see things a bit differently
Or maybe I am just naive
my heart and dreams are powered by
my eagerness to believe

Age 31


Do you know where you are going?
Was your reality merely an illusion?
Do you know where you have been?
Was your life filled with confusion?
The rain dries up, and the fog clears,
But shadows still remain,
And the monsters that hide behind them
Come out at night to play.
As you run from the sandman,
And the creatures of the night,
You have a new sense of direction,
And your eagle takes to flight.
The thoughts that stir around in your mind
Are telling you to leave this world behind
And the dreams you thought would always linger
Have suddenly slipped through your fingers
As the piper plays a new tune
He beckons you to follow
And you do

Age 28

Wild One

As unpredictable as
Those determined tears
That streak your mask of smiles
You, too, are wild
Your dreams
Flow like the wind
And swirl like a cloud of madness
Across a sun streaked sky
And you fly
With wings of speed
And spontaneous flutter
That should take you no where
But they do
And you go
Where no one goes
And no one knows
Why or how
They love you so
As you laugh your impish laugh
At their unknowing
Just keep going
Wild one

Age 27

Masked Marauder

Like a masked marauder,
I stole your heart,
But my mask was on
From the very start
And you never knew
The girl behind
The silly smile
And the fearless eyes

When I came clean
And the mask was removed
The girl that was revealed
Was not the girl you knew.
Two strangers caught
In the web we wove
Trying desperately
To fall in love.

The road we travel
Is in need of repair
As our lives unravel
We begin to despair.
You think of the girl
With the painted smile,
And you long to be
With her for just a while.

Now she is gone.
I’ve taken her place
But your love for her
Cannot be erased,
So we’ve come to walk
On separate paths
Searching for the bridge
That will narrow the gap.

Age 27

Only The Thorns Remain

Life is like a rose…

You gave me a rose
Deep crimson
Soft petals arranged so carefully
It’s beauty radiated
Lighting me

You gave me your hand
Smooth strength
Wild eyes could see through me
Your revealed desires
Captured me

You gave me your heart
Blood pumping
Great life maintaining strength
Your love poured out
Into me

You gave me your soul
Deep being
Fantastic dreams waiting to be reality
Your spirit alive
Consumed me


You left me alone
Cold darkness
Shadows dancing on the walls
Silence screaming loudly
Around me

The rose petals have wilted
Only the thorns remain

Age 27

Just Hold On Tight

Something has changed inside you
And the shadows that once danced around you
Are laughing in your face
As your candle begins to dim
Can you find your way through
The blinding darkness
Down a corridor of passageways?
Which one will you take?
The bright light you see ahead of you
Is attractive and comforting
But it is so far away
And there’s no guarantee
That it’s not the eye of a deamon
Waiting to swallow you up
The other passageways are darker
And some are thick with fog
The evil shadows are right on your heels
You must choose now

Believe in yourself and in your dreams
Not in people, places and things
Don’t hide behind the shadows of your mind
Come on out and fight
When life is a rollercoaster ride
You just gotta hold on tight.

Age 27

You Can Always Change The Path You’re On

My mind is flooded with confusion
And the wind calls out my name.
What seemed so real was only illusion
And nothing feels the same.
I’m running blind in a danger zone
And the air is thick with magical mist.
As the piper beckons me with a new song,
I find that I cannot resist.
The dreams that I held have gotten lost
And the clock is laughing in my face.
How much will my new choices cost?
Do I dare escape this place?
As my world is filled with struggle and strife,
It may be the dark before the dawn.
As I make my way down the road of life
I can always change the path I’m on.

Age 27