Masked Marauder

Like a masked marauder,
I stole your heart,
But my mask was on
From the very start
And you never knew
The girl behind
The silly smile
And the fearless eyes

When I came clean
And the mask was removed
The girl that was revealed
Was not the girl you knew.
Two strangers caught
In the web we wove
Trying desperately
To fall in love.

The road we travel
Is in need of repair
As our lives unravel
We begin to despair.
You think of the girl
With the painted smile,
And you long to be
With her for just a while.

Now she is gone.
I’ve taken her place
But your love for her
Cannot be erased,
So we’ve come to walk
On separate paths
Searching for the bridge
That will narrow the gap.

Age 27

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