Don’t Surround Yourself With Yourself

You know, one of my long time favorite songs is I’ve Seen All Good People: Your Move by Yes because I have always identified with the chess board and pieces, and especially the line “Don’t Surround Yourself With Yourself”.   I love the chess analogies in this song and also those  that I learned as a child reading Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass so many times.    My 26 years of journals have many references to the board and pieces and their meanings with regard to myself and my view of the world around me.  It is a common philosophy topic that I found great interest in at a very young age.  I will date myself here, but as a child Yes was one of the many 8-tracks that I lost myself in daily in our retro 70s style family room.

Tonight I took a quiz about which chess piece I am and was surprised to be the White Bishop.   But the description seemed fitting when it said “Despite your unusual talents, you are often overlooked by your opponent.” and “One unfortunate fact of the bishop: No matter how hard you try, you can only reach half the squares on the board.”

I think that makes good sense…never having full control, but, at times, able to go great distances in one move.  And of course, I think most people would agree that I traverse life diagonally.

When it comes to the Alice In Wonderland version of the chess pieces, there have been times where I have identified with the Red Queen….so quick to say “Off with his head!”  In terms of dating and finding the slightest reason to rule him out and stay single.  It is so much easier to be single and in control of my world, but even the queen doesn’t last long on the board as the lone piece.

Most of the time, however, I think of the words of Yes and remind myself that I cannot surround myself with myself.  I must move on back two squares.

It’s that time again for me to rethink my position, determine the objectives and evaluate the plan for my next move.

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