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Lady Gaga on SNL

Hulu is cycling through Saturday Night Episodes. I may have seen this one when it aired, but not sure. Maybe I watched it with my eyes closed as I sometimes do. Either way, I saw this tonight and the performance was great. Plus, Tom Hanks was the host and he is just the type of person that the world needs more of.

Levi Commercial


Saving Hope

Mom has been talking to me for weeks about the series on Hulu called Saving Hope. I have been reluctant to watch because I am not big on hospital shows. The whole medical industry bothers me and watching all of this stuff makes me squeamish too.

But today she asked me again if I have watched and, since there wasn’t much else to watch other than news about foreign relations blah blah blah, I decided to give it a try.

I started at season 1 and am five episodes in. It is definitely not the type of show I binge watch. Lately I focus on American Gods, Orange Is The New Black, Walking Dead. I also watch shows like The Profit and Shark Tank. For a good laugh Big Bang Theory. Casual is another one that I catch when it comes out. Well, this medical type show that has a similar vibe as the movie Ghost is a little off the regular type show I would watch. But Mom really wants me to see it, so here I am.

Awesome 84 Lumber Superbowl Ad

Love this very much!


Macbook Pro – Bulbs commercial

Love this!!

Jana & Gleb’s Tango – Dancing with the Stars

Wow!!! This is awesome!!  One day I will once again find a dance partner.  I miss those days.  But this was amazing and made me so excited for Jana and Gleb!!  Loved every minute of it and well deserved of the 40 score they received!

Great Quote from Under The Tuscan Sun

“Live spherically…in many directions. Never lose your childish enthusiasm and things will come your way” – Under The Tuscan Sun

Budweiser Super Bowl Ad 2013 – The Clydesdales Brotherhood

There weren’t many impressive commercials during the super bowl this year, but I really liked this one:

Sherwin Williams Commercial

I just love this commercial. It’s my new favorite!

Ok Go – Here It Goes Again

I love this video!!  Very cool.  Makes me want to get a bunch of treadmills and do a similar dance.

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