Just Hold On Tight

Something has changed inside you
And the shadows that once danced around you
Are laughing in your face
As your candle begins to dim
Can you find your way through
The blinding darkness
Down a corridor of passageways?
Which one will you take?
The bright light you see ahead of you
Is attractive and comforting
But it is so far away
And there’s no guarantee
That it’s not the eye of a deamon
Waiting to swallow you up
The other passageways are darker
And some are thick with fog
The evil shadows are right on your heels
You must choose now

Believe in yourself and in your dreams
Not in people, places and things
Don’t hide behind the shadows of your mind
Come on out and fight
When life is a rollercoaster ride
You just gotta hold on tight.

Age 27

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