Michael Bliss Band

Mark and I went to see The Michael Bliss Band last night at Rock Bottom in La Jolla.  Those of you who know me know that this is by far my favorite local band.  They are incredible.  Those of you who have not had a chance to see one of their shows, you have to come with me to the next one.  I first saw them about two years ago at a small bar in Carlsbad.   I was really amazed.  I go see bands all the time, but these guys were just incredible.  Well, the last few months, they were going through a bunch of changes and were taking a break, which was a real bummer for me (and them I imagine).  They had to find a new guitar player, which was not going to be an easy task because their guitar player was incredible before.  Last night, though, as soon as I got there, I saw Jimmy Patton.  They got Jimmy Patton to be their guitar player.  Now if you never went to a Jimmy Patton show with me, darn, you missed out.  He used to play at the Naked Bean when I first started watching him play, and lately, he has been doing shows in the gas lamp and stuff.  He plays two guitars at once and does it so incredibly well, it blows me away.  Mix him with The Michael Bliss Band and…..Wow!  It was great!  Plus Cheryl Bliss sang a couple of her songs and she  has a great voice and energy.  You have to go to the next show.  Check out my whats happening section to find out when they are playing next.

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