Why do kids kill?

Why do kids kill?  Seems to be a big question these days.  So many people seem to want to blame things on the internet, and computer games, and geeks who stay in their rooms and play them and spend all their time on their computers.  So many people focus their attention on these things when trying to understand why kids kill.  Oh, he played video games all the time and was always on his computer…must be the mind altering stimulation that caused him to do it, right?  Playing video games, being a computer head, these are all part of being a brilliant child, and parents who are too busy to notice their childs brilliance are the cause of his or her anger, low self-esteem, and social confusion.  And I am not at all trying to say that I am perfect when it comes to the amount of attention I can give to my children.  I am learning, just like you, how to give enough and take the time, because I didn’t have enough of an example of how to give it either.  But every day and every month and every year, I get better and better at paying enough attention.   And, yet, at the same time, I believe that technology and the brilliant mind that creates it, is our future, and allowing our kids to utilize the technology and play video games is not going to turn them into a killer, unless they cannot share it all with their parents, because their parents are too busy.  Maybe my thoughts here are not correct, but I do not think you have much to lose by giving me the benefit of the doubt and paying more attention to that brilliant child you have, and if you happen to save his life or the lives of his friends in the process, then maybe one more brilliant mind can grow up with a wonderful foundation to build his dreams upon.

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