On With My Life

Well, the move to Arizona went pretty smoothly. Do not have internet yet. There are no lines to my house for COX cable. They said that they need to dig up my driveway and put some lines in. Good thing is that they are covering the cost of that. The house is GREAT!!! I like it a lot. It is huge. More than twice the size of my last house in California, and for around the same price. Plus I have a pool and a huge yard. Traffic here is so great. Does not make me miss California at all. I can drive the speed limit. Amazing!! No more 5mph bumper to bumper for me. The people here are great. I love my new job. If you want to check out where I am working, go to rhino. I am going to be doing perl, java, oracle, etc. So far, I do not miss school at all. Everyone asks if I will ever go for my masters. Right now, I really do not think so. Too much stress. And in my field, experience and knowledge are the key factors. I learn a lot on my own.

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