Staging N’Sync

212 of us worked the NSync show last night. Our job was to tear down the set after the concert. It was fun. Unbelievable. Well, first of all, we were all standing there watching the concert. I am not really into NSync, but they do a pretty amazing show. Then, when they were doing the encore, a bunch of us were standing behind the stage, waiting for them to be finished. I could see their feet dancing around right in front of me. Then they ended their encore, got off the stage, and we all began tearing down the sound and the lights and everything. Amazing to see the whole process that goes into tearing down the staging set. Amazing how much muscle power is required for the whole thing. I was truly impressed with the whole group of people who had one common goal in mind and the organization involved. Very cool. Rhino Staging rocks!!!!!

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