Some people say that we should not fight, which goes along with the two wrongs do not make a right theory. And some people say that we should which goes along with an eye for an eye theory. And I say Why can we not all just get along but that is only my fairy tale fantasy world theory and it is impossible because this has been going on since the beginning of history of mankind. So, what do we do? I do not know. Should we go over there and kick ass? Maybe, but not like a traditional war. No. It will not be a traditional war. We will never have a war like Viet Nam or WWI or WWII again. We just do not have those kind of wars anymore. We are going to go over there and find the person or people responsible and demand justice be served. Maybe with a trial. I do not know. We are going to force justice on the person or people responsible and not on the country full of innocent people that were not responsible. The problem is, we do not know who is responsible, and the scary part is that these people blended in with our society for years and we did not even know it and people say He was such a nice boy. So your neighbor could be a terrorist and you would not even know it. So, what is the solution? I do not know. I just want things to be like Star Trek after the federation, but it will not be that way at least for a very long time.

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