If you have not been to my poetry page lately, check it out. I found myself being in a weird space tonight. I wanted to write poetry. I have been wanting to for a while, but all I end up with is a bunch of scraps of scribble. I have been quite uninspired for a couple years. It goes through phases and I realize that and I am thinking that I am feeling it come around again. So, I was reading my older stuff and realized how ugly those pages are and difficult to navigate. So, of course, my left lobe took over and I started to code. I have that shirt that says CODE POET, however, I am thinking that the phrase was not intended to be a label for someone who creates code for dynamic display of their poetry. Hmmmph! Oh well, so I did not write a new poem, but my poetry page is looking better and easier to navigate.

I was digging the cool shapes that are formed by centering my poems. Kind of like ink blots. hehhehe.

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