New Friends

I have not written much lately. Not that I have not had a lot to say. It is just that the winds of change have been blowing me in all kinds of crazy directions. Wow! After September 11th, I needed a break from the news and went out to a bar to have a few drinks and see a band play. Of course the news was on at the bar and the bartender could not find a channel without all the wreckage of New York being displayed. Then a man came over and sat by me and introduced himself. He seemed like a very nice guy, but I was not in the mood to be hit on. Of course that did not stop me from being courteous and having a conversation with him. Before I knew it, I was dancing with him and he was actually a very good dancer. He invited me to come to his house and see his band play for band practice. He said they had just formed their band and I should check it out. Now this is not something that I would normally do, but I did. Their band was great, they do covers of Zeppelin (which you all know will get my heart beating) and other stuff like Beatles, and 7 Mary Three. Dave, who I met at the bar is truly amazing on guitar, but what really grabbed me was the singer, Grant. He is amazing.

Since then, Grant and I have been hanging out quite regularly. We seem to be exactly what each of us needs right now and it has been absolutely wonderful. He fits my November 2, 2000 entry very well. It is almost scary.

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