Lake Havasu

Saturday, the boys and I woke up at 4:30 and left the house at 5:30 headed for Lake Havasu. Janet and I have been talking a bit on the phone and she needed to be there on Saturday morning to pick up her son, so we decided to meet there. We had a wonderful day. We rented paddle boats and let the boys paddle us around the lake. Even Lucas helped out with his little legs pumping strong. Then we went and got some shaved ice. The banana one was my favorite. Lucas ended up have the blue-raspberry one and his entire mouth, teeth and face ended up being blue. Then we found a nice shaded area on the grass and colored easter eggs. We headed back home around 2:30 and arrived back home around 5:30. It was so nice that it was a short trip. We had a great time and did not feel sad when it was time to go because we had a full day.

Easter morning was nice. The boys searched for eggs and then ate them all. My friend Julie had come over Saturday night and we stayed up drinking and talking until 4am and then we hid the easter eggs. I still managed wake up at 8am and do the easter egg hunt with the boys and then get started on the yard work. I managed to get a lot done this weekend on the landscaping and will have pictures in my home improvement section tonight.

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