Getting Out

I went out for a couple drinks last night.  I went to my favorite local watering hole, sat at the bar and began conversation with the man next to me.  Actually, he started talking to me asking me if it was raining outside.  He was a decent looking guy with a ball cap on.  He had a very strong southern accent, which I am not so crazy about, but it was alright.  He told me that he is originally from Alabama.  We talked through two pint size beers.  He told me all about his career as a personal trainer, how he used to be in the Navy, how he went to the police academy, how he is currently in school trying to get a degree in psychology so that he can be a college psychology professor.  Mostly, though, I listened to him talk about his personal trainer business.  Then I told him that it was nice to meet him, shook his hand and went home.  I am not yet ready to fully socialize, but it was nice to get out.  It is always nice to meet a new personality and get a new viewpoint on things.

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