Another Day

so, last night, the boys and I went to walmart to get some stuff that we needed. While there, we saw that they had lava lamps on sale for $10. The boys have been wanting one really bad, so I got one for each of them and one for me. They put them together and set them up in their rooms and turned them on and, after a while, the lava was bubbling and it was very cool.

I went to Home Depot and picked out the style for my new counter tops. Oh, I cannot wait!!!!

We read another chapter in the second book of the Lord of the Rings. It is really getting good. I think I have all the voices down pretty well (kept the kids on the edge of their seats anyway).

And for the past week, I have been practicing all the stuff I learned from this web site. My dog, Charlie, is really catching on quick. He is so smart. No more sleeping on the bed for him, though. And he is not very happy about that. But, soon, he will become used to it.

Today is a good day. It is Thursday and I look and feel beautiful today.

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