9/11 – One Year Later

Last year, I used my television as my alarm clock and awoke on this day to see airplanes crashing into buildings. On my way to work, I listened to talk of terrorists. When I arrived to work we all watched up to the minute accounts of it all on the big screen. We all left work to be with family, friends or alone to deal with things in our own ways. The day was full of many emotions. Over the next days, weeks and months, I saw vehicles painted with American flags and other patriotic artistic representations. I heard talk of a nation united. As the sadness and fear of this country turned to hatred and anger, I realized that it was a nation united and a planet divided. Prejudism was rampant and we were all afraid. This morning I awoke and I thought of it all and I felt the tears forming in my eyes. These terrible acts of hatred that happened one year ago have jaded so many of us and chiseled away a large part of our belief in fairy tales and happy endings. Buildings were turned to dust and rubble and we each constructed our own tall, thick, solid walls around ourselves. We all say how strong we are as a nation and how united we have become and how we have learned to love our neighbors… we just do not trust them all. We are all human beings living on the same planet and unlike the terrorists, we hold life sacred, and when we stop doing that , we become like the terrorists. Someday, I hope that our planet will be as united as our nation.

This morning at work, we replaced our old flag with a new flag and all said the pledge of allegiance after a moment of silence. I have a hug for you. Even if you are far away, I hugged someone today that hugged someone that hugged you. And always hold on to the fairy tale fantasies of your childhood as tightly and intently as you possibly can.

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