Camping At Locket Meadow

Thursday night, Karl and I went camping in Northern Arizona at Locket Meadow. We left work a little early and took Friday off.

During the drive up, the sky looked really cool with all the clouds. There is actually a rainbow in these two pics, but it is hard to see.


We got in late and set up camp and created a fire and ate some food and drank some seagrams and 7-up and relaxed. It was nice. Next morning, here I am eating oatmeal


While eating, I took a couple pictures of the view straight above my head


Straight above my head again, this time clear blue sky


And I had to get a picture of my shadow showing off the braids in my hair like Pippie Longstocking


This tree is really close to falling. In the wind, we heard it creak. Getting a better look revealed a pretty good crack down the center of it.


It started to rain and we hung out in the tent and read some books and took a nap


Scenery on the drive home was nice to look at


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