Christmas Tree Expedition

Yesterday, Karl and I and the boys and our dog, Charlie, all went up to Northern Arizona to find a christmas tree. I received a permit to cut down a tree and the spot that I was assigned to do this was just a bit south of Winslow. We headed up in the morning and got there about 12:30 or so. It was raining and it was muddy. My truck got almost completely covered in mud which was pretty cool. We all got pretty muddy as well. Charlie seemed to really love being in the woods and having the freedom to sniff and run around. We hiked around in the mud and rain for about 4 hours, then returned to the truck to have some hot cocoa and get warmed up and then we continued to look for a tree. We finally found a suitable tree and cut it down and loaded it into the truck. Then we headed for flagstaff for some supper and warmth and relaxation and then headed home. Today, we decorated the tree and I put some snowy stuff in the front windows with some christmas window applications. It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas. Yippie!!

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