Walking With Charlie

It has been a few months since my dog, Charlie, and I went on a long walk together. We go to the circle K up the street sometimes and we walk around the block. But, tonight, I decided to go on a long walk. We were gone for 2 hours and it was great. We practiced some commands and Charlie is really doing well. He is such a good dog. Downtown, there are a bunch of statues of people and animals. Charlie took quite an interest in many of them and let out a growl. We met a man who was sitting at a park bench and stopped to talk to him for a while. We looked in all the shop windows and discovered some new shops that were not there the last time we walked and some others that were going out of business. I have always loved walking on Main Street in Anytown, USA. There seems to be something about it that is nostalgic to me. I remember when I lived in Escondido, CA. I loved walking down there. It was small, but it was so nice to walk late at night when the shops were closed, or on a Saturday when the street fair was happening, or early in the evening when the French Restaurant was still open and I would go there for coffee and french desert. I love the atmosphere on a small town Main Street. The moon was beautiful tonight and the air was perfect. I have been stuck at a skip in the record lately, but I think it is time for me to reorganize the things that are really important.

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