Not A Morning Person

Well, it is another Tuesday morning.  Like most mornings, I spent an extra 54 minutes in bed enjoying the coziness of my covers and dreading the thought of getting up and getting dressed.  My alarm clock goes off at 6:30 and I press snooze.  It is an easy thing to do, and I do not even really have to wake up to do it because the snooze button happens to be the biggest button on my alarm clock.  It does not take much to hit the thing.  Then I curl back into my warm fuzzy blanket and begin to calculate how many 9 minute intervals I can afford and still make it to work on time.  What is up with the 9 minute snooze anyway?  Why 9?  Why not 10?  I find myself laying in bed sharpening my math skills every morning.  I have gotten quite good at calculating time by multiples of 9 in my sleep and find myself finally getting out of bed at 7:24.  It is a great way to sharpen my math skills in the morning.  But why is it 9 minutes and why is that snooze button so darn big?  I put my alarm clock on the other side of the room away from my bed thinking that if I had to actually get out from under my cozy covers it might help.  However, the alarm goes off and I seem to have become quite skilled at bouncing out of bed, hitting the thing, calculating the next time it will go off, and being back under my covers all without really waking up.

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