It is 12:45am. I just got home from dropping off my dog, Charlie with my friend Karl. He is going to watch Charlie for a few days while I travel for business. I am going to Joplin, Missouri. It might be fun. I am excited about it because I have never been there and I grew up in the midwest and it will be nice to have a change of scenery. So, my friend, Karl, is watching Charlie while I am gone. And, as you know, my two boys went to visit their Dad last friday for 5 weeks or so. And so, just now, I arrived home feeling very alone. There was my cat, Becky, wandering around (my roommate will feed her while I am gone). She meowed at me and I petted her. My roommate is out for the night and it is soooo quiet here. I am so used to children and television and the dog and the telephone and the knocks at the door from friends stopping by…. whew! And here I am and it is quiet in my house. And I have been cleaning my house, here and there, since my kids left. And it is so nice to actually be able to get somewhere with the cleaning process. When the kids are home, it seems like an endless task. But now I can see the major improvement in just a few days. And what I clean, stays clean, and my stuff is where I left it when I went to work that morning. It is nice. It is funny, though, that I realized that I have called them everyday since they left. I was thinking it would take a little while before I started missing them, but it was really right away. And now, with Charlie gone….Wow! I am feeling fairly lonely. Well, now it is after 1am. I have to pack for this trip. I know, it is last minute, but I started school on Monday (Chemistry with Lab) and the class is Monday through Thursday night after work, so there was no time to pack ahead of time. My friends would probably say that I always have something causing my procrastination. Before I go pack, though, I want to tell you that my step-dad had a stroke last night. He is still in the hospital, and my mom has been there with him. He is in my thoughts and prayers, and I am sure everything will be ok.

It is 2:30am. I went outside to test my pool chemicals and clean the filter and set up the timer so that my pool is ok while I am gone. It was weird to go outside and not have Charlie at my heels. He always wants to be outside with me. I cleaned my filter, checked my chemicals, added some cholorine tablets to my floater, and now I am ready to pack since the dryer is done spinning and my clothes are ready for the suitcase.

bis spater.

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