New Classes

Class started again on Monday.  I am taking interplanetary geology and chemistry II.  It is all very exciting.  It definitely feels good to be back in school.  Hopefully, soon, I can go back to school full time.  I am also gearing up to get my house on the market in November.  I am not going to start any more projects.  From here on out, it is just finish the remaining little bit and make it look as nice as possible for selling.  The next owner can take up where I left off.  I have had enough.  Being in graduate school is going to take up a lot of my time and I would just prefer to live in a house that I can come home to each day and feel like I am at home.  Although renovating this house was a lot of fun and I learned a great deal that I would not trade for anything, I am just ready to be done with it.

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