Collections Of Stuff

In going through all of my stuff over the past few weeks, I have come across things that I have just been putting into specific piles as I find them. It is amazing how many business cards I have collected over the years that were thrown in so many different boxes that I keep finding as I go through the boxes. Undeveloped film is another of my collections (I now have 27 rolls). I have come across so many little pieces of paper with names and phone numbers on them. So many people that I have thought about in the past few weeks as I come across the slip of paper with a phone number. I suppose I should put them all in a phone book or something. I have a pretty big box of photos now that need to be put in my albums. I wish I had a dollar for every time my kids said that they cannot find a pencil to do their homework over the years. I have found so many pens, pencils, crayons, markers, etc. over the past few weeks and now I have a very full back pack of them. There were soooooo many magazines in boxes. Some magazines were mixed in with books. Others were mixed in with office stuff. Others were mixed in with my bedroom stuff. Now I have gotten rid of most of them except my Heavy Metal, Tank Girl, a select few Wired and Rolling Stone, and a few good Playboy (I don’t read the articles) and they all fit in one box. All important papers are filed in my file cabinet. This whole process has been a bit crazy but really cool. I am now down to a 5ftX12ftX10ft space for all of my stuff and that seems to be decreasing daily. I now have a pretty good pile of empty boxes on the patio. Kind of amazing since I have been a packrat my whole life and recently filling a 4 bedroom house with stuff. This is all pretty liberating.

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