First Day Of Spring (end of dreaded winter)

Well, here it is…. the dreaded winter is over.  I hope the dreaded cold leaves with it.

Benjamin came by earlier for a bit and we had raspberry cream coffee and conversation.  He is yet another good soul that I am thankful to know.  He seems to find amusement in my spontaneous fluttering personality.  He has great respect and admiration for Jamey, and they have known eachother for a very long time.  That is good and I can therefore hang with him without worrying about any weird intentions.  Perhaps now, with things changed between Jamey and I, we too can have these wonderful crazy conversations and philisophical ponderings.  We could come up with crazy inventions.  I was so caught up in the moment with Jamey that I see now how it prohibited many of our actions and words.  It has been a weird month.  Now I look forward to a new and different type of relationship (fantastic friendship) with Jamey (without complication).

Ok, so Spring is here according to the calendar…now bring on the warm weather and let’s start a new chapter.

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