Some major changes are taking place in my life…

I quit giggling. Wednesday, April 13, I gave my giggle-ware to a friend and told him he could have it…everything. I am done.

I have been packing up, in a box, everything that is a reminder of my father, including pictures, memories and every letter I have ever written to him. Once I get it all in this box, I am going to send it to him and he is going to be purged from my life.

I am setting a work schedule that I am going to adhere to so that my work life and personal life are not so inter-twined. My schedule is going to be monday through friday from 10am to 7pm. If there are times that I have to take off work due to appointments and such, I am going to treat it like a real job and make up those hours. Other than that, though, I will not work outside of the set time.

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