Summer In Daytona

Well, it is definitely summer here in Daytona and like clockwork, we get a daily afternoon rain around 3pm. It is nice this time of year, early in the morning to walk outside and smell the ocean scent in the air. Everything is in bloom and the grass grows very quickly.

I have been very absorbed with both of my businesses these days. I try to always keep up with my customers and everything that needs to be done with my parent company. The excitement for me, right now, is in the work I am doing to promote I never would have thought that I would be involved in such a cool and wonderful project. I am meeting people so much these days and talking about ways to promote all that is Daytona Beach. I am involved with the community and helping some of the local arts centers. The commercial is coming on the radio next week and we are hoping to soon have an advertisement on the back of the city buses in town. In addition, the site has received far more visitors just by word of mouth than I expected.

It is all very exciting!!

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