Quitting Smoking

So, Ben and I have made a pact to quit smoking today.  I understand that we have said this before, but the difference about now is that we are both determined to not only make sure we ourselves quit smoking but that we combined quit.  This is hopefully going to help us to actually do it this time.

We have also quit energy drinks.  Now is the time to get healthy and save some money.  I was drinking 3 or 4 energy drinks per day plus a pack of cigarettes per day.   Ben was doing about the same.  We calculated that we are going to each save about $15 to $20 per day.  That is  $105 to $140  per week.  So we should be able to get some other bills paid.

We are planning on taking a train trip to South Carolina in 5 weeks with some of our savings.  I am also putting Lucas in Violin Lessons.

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