So close now

I worked 18 hours straight yesterday and 12 hours straight today. It is going to be so nice when I am finished with these projects and can actually have some of my life back. All I keep thinking about is that there must be some kind of way out of the dark black pit and I keep screaming that we are going the wrong way…but in 40 days and 40 nights I will be on the path to the happily ever after in Arizona. Some of you will recognize the references there.

So, 40 days and we are leaving Florida for good on our way back to Arizona. In 8 days we will be driving out to bring my dog and my truck and some of our stuff out and get the keys to our house. It is going to be very exciting.

Did I tell you that I am job hunting? Yes. After four years of running a business and juggling so many balls in the air while attempting to walk a tightrope with grace, I have decided to take off most of the many hats I wear and get a job and benefits and paid vacations and do what I love to do which is programming. It is time to let someone else deal with employees and payroll and workers comp and unemployment insurance and corporate filings and tax audits and all of that fun stuff.

Anyway, I have a few job interviews lined up for the beginning of May when I am out in Phoenix and then we will be flying back here for a few weeks before we make our journey around the country and across route 66 for a fun-filled adventure like no other. It’s going to be phenomenal, and after a year of planning and counting the days, it is so fantabulous that it is finally almost here.

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