A Cool Story From Benjamin

So, I stumbled upon a page that has 23 words used to impress and stumbled it over to Benjamin who then took it upon himself to use all of the words in the following story draft:

As I endeavor to attain apotheosis in my circumscript living space during this algid period, I am faced with a conundrum as I realize how edacious I am to expiate myself from my previous moment of whinge, whilst simultaneously seeking telos.

Then in my mind’s eye I see her…calling forth the more sybarite part of myself as I sit in meditation beholding the lascivious angel of a demon beckoning me to surrender to the moment. I sit tacid and unable to overcome her ubiquitous presence with my normal defense mechanisms. Unable to call upon my normal skepsis…unable to avoid the intoxication. Her intentions, she only partially obfuscates as she moves closer…closer. I fight…but her circean prowess leaves my attempts puerile at best. I am rendered weak…as a tyro to this presence…this elemental…this angel demon. She leaves me swayed from enlightenment at the realization of the hobson’s choice before me…this maven of ethereal seduction…entranced…bewitched…the question of occam’s razor pounding my thoughts as I realize what is about to transpire…but why me? How did she choose me, this unearthly demon of lust? I can no longer fight…I can no longer speculate. I can only succumb…so edacious I am for what is to come…this angel demon…her eyes like the universe…promising me my death. For a moment I misinterpret her voice intertwined with my thoughts as my own deranged illeism…this whole thing as my own twisted hallucination. Please let this be a hallucination…please let it be a dream…this angel demon who has come for me with her purpose…I cannot fight, I must comply. Let this pass…let this be fantasy…let this be……….real. Let it overpower my every sense…this angel demon…come to bring me such bliss as no human can withstand…such unending bliss……such agony. Such terror, such shame. I understand now…just before my final breath. Zeitgeist. Her beauty…her terror. My pain…her pleasure.

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