Janet In Town!

My best girlfriend came into town this weekend from Vegas for a visit.    We have been friends for 19 years and have a ton of history together that goes all the way back to when we were both 19 years old.  We spent our first pregnancies together and birth of our first child and our sons are now both 16 and they are good friends (probably lifelong friends) as well.

We had a great time Friday night at the Field House having drinks and dancing and singing and met a lot of really cool strangers who seemed to swarm to our table.  It was very fun and I was excited that she was receiving so much attention.  Saturday night we went bar-hopping in downtown Tempe and had a fun time, but I drank way too much way too fast.  It was very uncharacteristic of me and there was a lot of taquila that went down my throat.    We still had a great time and went to several bars, but I got quite goofy.  Looking back now, it seems that I just drifted back in time to when we were 20 years old.  Definitely the most intoxicated I have been in a very long time.

Here is a fantastic photo of her and I at the first bar at the beginning of the night.

Janet and Cheryl! Starting the Evening
Janet and Cheryl! Starting the Evening

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