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Saturday Night

Last night was fantastic.  It sarted out with dinner, drinks and darts at Fibber McGees.  I was out with the guy I have been seeing and it was a very nice time.  After I went over to Bogey’s where I had heard there would be a good band playing (Sister Cities).  When I got there, I walked up to the bar to order a beer and suddenly had several new friends.  I love when I walk into a bar and meet new people who take to me like an old friend.   It’s great.  The band was setting up, I was conversing with my new friends, women were getting body painted in the back of the bar and then a belly dancer came on stage and did a really hot show….really hot!  The band was just about ready to begin and Pink Floyd came on and I was loose enough to just start dancing and having a great time.  Then the band started and I was standing by the bar and this really hot girl came up and asked me if I would dance with her.  Of course I would.  Yay!  So we went out to the dance floor and she was a great dancer….very nice.  After that the body painted woman came out and we just stared at her.  It was all very surreal.  I got a photo:

body painted girl at Bogey's in Tempe

body painted girl at Bogey's in Tempe

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