The Power of Determination (and a little luck)

It has been a rough couple of months.  I am in the third year of my three year plan to pay off all of my old business debt, however, this requires about 90% of my income every month.  I rely on side jobs and overtime for the miscellaneous stuff like when Lucas needs special shirts for the band concert for school, or when our electric bill is a bit higher than we expected, or doing some home renovations, or even if I just feel like having a beer.  Side money and overtime is my gravy.

These last two months the overtime was non-existent and the side jobs were slim to none.  Even a couple of the hosting customers I have decided not to renew this year because their businesses are struggling.  Then a week ago, a customer who we built a website for a few years ago emailed and asked for an overhaul.  I was thinking, “Cool! It should just take a few hours and maybe I can get paid before Christmas.”.  It did take a few hours and he wanted to meet this morning (Christmas Eve) to review it and after an hour reviewing it, he paid me with paypal and I now have cash for Christmas.

Lucas wanted Steak for Christmas, but we had already bought groceries and spent about $100.  Now that I managed to get some “gravy”, I can get steak for Lucas too!

I know it sounds silly.  Most people think that I should have filed bankruptcy or something, but I have been determined to pay off all of that debt and it isn’t fun and it sometimes sucks when I realize I have ten dollars left to my name and payday is a week away, but I am over two years into a three year hard core plan to pay off huge debt and these next 7 months is the last hill before I can breath and know that I did it.

But for now, it is Christmas Eve and my son is going to have his steak!

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