Power Weekend of House Tasks

We started off early Saturday morning getting started on our tasks that we wanted to accomplish.  The list included sprinklers, deck wash, landscaping and moving the furniture for laying down the carpet remnant that we just bought.

For the sprinklers, I didn’t know too much about the status of the system since it has never worked since we bought this house a year ago.  All I knew was that there are sprinkler heads around the front and back and side yards and that the water had been disconnected at the water source due to issues and leaking.  My first task was to get the water source reconnected and that required digging a bit to find out where the original pipes were near the water source.

Mom wanted to use the new pressure washer she just bought last week and finally get that nasty dirty wood deck cleaned.  It probably hasn’t been cleaned for many years before we bought this house last year.  As she started pressure washing the boards, I was absolutely amazed at how clean it was looking and the grains and colors of the wood were starting to appear.

Lucas was determined to finish the last portion of landscaping rocks that go all the way around the pool.  The only part that was left was a small section between the pool and the wood deck.  He cleared the area, laid down some landscaping plastic to prevent weeds and then started laying the rest of the new rocks in place.

We purchased two remnants of new carpet off of craigslist for $40 and $30 to put in the living room and Mom’s room.  We managed to fit in time to move all of the living room furniture and get the carpet laid down on top of the crappy pergo floor.  It looks so nice.

I then did some more testing of the sprinklers, turned the water source on and found a couple places gushing up that I capped off and a couple places that just needed new sprinkler heads.  Quite an accomplishment!  I should be able to get us to the point of growing grass in a couple weeks.

At the end of Sunday, we ordered pizza and salad from Nello’s and then put our feet in the pool with a glass of wine while gloating about all of our amazing accomplishments over the two day weekend.

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