Chicago To Phoenix Trip

We left early Monday morning from Chicago.  It has been a wonderful visit with family and friends.  We have a couple days to get home before needing to be back at work, but there is time for some sight-seeing along the way and we so love exploring old Route 66.  We certainly didn’t get to see as much as we did when we had 10 full days to do Route 66 three years ago, but we ended up having a really great time and seeing a lot in the two days that we had.

We even found a cool old cemetery along the way just by chance after making a wrong turn in a small town.  Most of the graves were from the mid to late 1800s and what we found fascinating is that there were many adults who had been born in Ireland and many children who had died in infancy.   That seemed very sad and we wondered what could have caused so many infant deaths.  I so love exploring old cemeteries.

We made it home in 51 hours which included a couple of naps at the truck stop parking lots.

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