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FreeBSD and Bondage

I get the strangest comments from random people popping into my computer. I actually enjoy the comedy in it, which is why I allow it, but this one takes the cake:

[08/02/2005 16:50] playingcuriouscouple: hello Cheryl, just reading ur profile and it says freeBSD may i ask what that is??
[08/02/2005 16:50] playingcuriouscouple: just curious as I am into bondage but not sure what that would be

Obviously, as I often do, I just close the window and do not respond. I am sure all of you fellow computer geeks out there will find the humor in an outsider thinking that my being into freeBSD would have something to do with bondage. hehe

Boycotting Micro$oft

I am making a New Year’s resolution early… I will never do micro$oft development again!!!

Frank Sinatra in Perl

I found this on the web and thought it was appropriate for my life right now, and pretty cool too:

(hint: even if you not a code head, just read the words as if they are a sentence and skip the other characters)

&now($the_end == ‘near’) && so(); $i->face($the, $#curtain);
my ($friends, $i, $say); $it->clear();
$i->state(my $case_of); `which $i->m(‘certain’)`;
$i->lived($a_life{‘thats full’}), $i->travelled($each && $every{‘highway’});
&more($much > $this), $i->did($it); my $way;