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Type O Negative

So, I went to the Type O Negative concert last night at Canes in Pacific Beach.  I went with my X, who is also my very best male friend.  He’s the guy who knows me inside and out.  Anyway, I met a girl there, also.  She was great.  I rarely meet girls that I can connect with, but there she was . I couldn’t believe how much we had in common.  The concert was great too, and afterward, we talked a bit, and then she had to go, because she had to get up early today, but we are planning on getting together soon.

Afterward, my X and I went to The Flame in Hillcrest.  That was great also.  More pretty women than I have seen in one place in a long time.  I danced among them, and it was like heaven!!

Type O Negative

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