Rammstein – Glendale, AZ

This concert was so amazing… words cannot begin to describe.  The theatrical performance was second to none.  It is now at the top of my list for amazing visual concert.


Rolling Stones Concert

Well, it is 3am.  I just got home from the Rolling Stones show.  Tearing down the stage and loading it out went extremely smooth.  I have not worked a show that smooth in a long time.  I got to see most of the show as well, and it was a great performance.  One of the Roadies, for the Stones, that was directing the group I was in, told me that he appreciated all my hard work and said I kicked ass and so he gave me a Rolling Stones guitar pick.  That was pretty cool.  I started jumping up and down and smiling and I thanked him several times.  The whole show was great to work.  The roadies for the Stones are a great group of people and a pleasure to work with.

Les Claypool Concert

My friend Julie and I went to the Les Claypool concert at the Cajun House.  It was such a blast.  Before going into the show, I had to get a picture of the full moon over Scottsdale.  Very cool.


Les Claypool Scottsdale 2002

Type O Negative

So, I went to the Type O Negative concert last night at Canes in Pacific Beach.  I went with my X, who is also my very best male friend.  He’s the guy who knows me inside and out.  Anyway, I met a girl there, also.  She was great.  I rarely meet girls that I can connect with, but there she was . I couldn’t believe how much we had in common.  The concert was great too, and afterward, we talked a bit, and then she had to go, because she had to get up early today, but we are planning on getting together soon.

Afterward, my X and I went to The Flame in Hillcrest.  That was great also.  More pretty women than I have seen in one place in a long time.  I danced among them, and it was like heaven!!

Type O Negative