busy as a bee right now.  I have not shared this too much, but this is very difficult at times.  I am so close to graduation, but always very, very busy.  People do not know how I do it.  Sometimes I do not know how I do it.  But I do know that I cannot wait until it is over and I can get on with my life and start really living again.  And I am truly thankful that I possess the power to finish my quest to get a degree in computer science, because it has been the most challenging and difficult time of my entire life, and at the same time, it is the most wonderful.  Because, as busy as I got, and as almost unbearable and overwhelming everything was at times,  in 42 more days, I will be walking across a stage as someone calls my name and announces that I earned a degree in Computer Science.  And I will know that I did it while working and taking care of my kids.  And it will be such a relief.  Such a huge relief….to be finished.

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