Last night was great!!! For those of you that do not know, lightning storms in the desert are awesome. Last night, the lightning and thunder began and my boys and I sat in the back yard on the bench swing and watched these huge bolts of lightning kiss the earth and spread across the sky. The thunder was rouring and pounding and the wind was blowing and my windbell was dinging and it was just incredible. Then the rain began and my boys and I went out in the front and twirled around in the street and danced a great rain dance as the sky dumped harder and faster and we were completely soaked in a few minutes. It was absolutely fantastic! The monsoon has begun!!! Yippie! My power went out around 8pm and we lit a bunch of candles. There were six houses in a row on my block that were out of power. My neighbors and I hung out in front and drank some beer and the rain came and went here and there. I had trouble sleeping in the dark, hot, humid house and was outside until around 2am just trying to get tired enough to sleep in spite of no fan blowing. It is going to be a long day today. But it was so nice to have the storm.

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