Broken Hearts

You know that I have been hanging out with someone who has his heart broken and, as a result, has become quite protective of it. Well, I am starting to wonder if it may be wise to run away as fast as I can. As long as he expects to be hurt again, he will always look for potential negative. As long as he is looking for the flaws, he will find flaws everywhere. How can I possibly be so perfect that he could ever relax a bit and quit worrying about heartbreak? I cannot. It is impossible for me to prove one way or another how my presense in his life could effect him, and I cannot guarantee the length of our adventure together. I cannot guarantee a single thing except that this feels right at this moment and how can we really know if it will be right or wrong tomorrow? The entire future is only comprised of a bunch of moments. This one, right now, is all I have to work with, and if I were to squander it by worrying about the next moment, then will I be happy when I look back… will I be fulfilled when i reach the end? So many people these days are walking around with broken hearts and empty hearts. It is like Night of The Living Dead on this planet.

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