Lucas Lessons

So my little guy, Lucas, who is five, just tells me that he does not like his new school. And I asked him why not. And he says that a boy was pushing him. And I told him that nobody has the right to touch him without his permission and that if anyone ever does, he needs to get away and tell a grownup. I told him that all grownups are there to protect him while he is still so little and that he should never be too shy or too afraid to think that he can just let someone be mean to him like that. I told him to use his words every chance he gets and he will be sure to stay out of trouble. And I told him that if there is no grownup around or if he cannot get away then he has permission to do whatever it takes to protect himself even if it means hurting the other person to get away… but I stressed that is only when there is no grownup around and he cannot get away from being hurt.

He seemed pretty satisfied with what I said and I asked him if still does not like his new school and he said, “No. I like it and my teacher too.”

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