St. Patty’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Tonight, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I am not going out for St. Patty’s Day. I am sitting here with my roommate making Blarney Stone Cookies. My Mom used to make those all the time when I was a kid. Now I am making them. My roommate is playing guitar. (long story short, I needed the money and Jason needed a room). So, tonight, there will be no Patty’s Party. Payday is still a few days away and my budget is tight. Making cookies as Jason plays and sings Elvis Costello is really a cool time. I just put the icing on the cookies. Now he is singing Brown Eyed Girl.

There has been so much that has happened and so much that I have realized in the last month. I have not created entries here because I was either too busy or too proud to let the world know what was happening. I made a few bad choices and I became pretty darn broke. The budget I created in December is getting me back to life slowly. Another month or two should really do it.

My boys and my dog and I did manage to go camping this past weekend by the Rio Verde River. It was so nice. I borrowed a tent from a friend and packed up a bunch of blankets, sleeping bags, supplies and food. We met up with Karl and Mike and Stacy and Brenda and Erik and Erik’s daughter, Destiny, and four other dogs. It was a great time. The weather was great on Saturday and Karl cooked french toast for breakfast. The kids and the dogs and all of us went walking by the river. The scenery was beautiful, the air was great, the day was nice. At night, we had food and marshmellows at the fire. The kids went to bed, the grownups talked around the fire, the dogs slept on the dirt. It was fabulous and the moon was full. Sunday, it rained all day. The dogs got muddy and we all got pretty wet, but it was nice for the most part. We ended Sunday at about 5pm and the boys and I drove home.

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