Backtracking Again

“Panaflex Soloflex Genuflect Pope

What the world needs now is babies, guns and hope “

–Sheryl Crow

I love that song. I was listening to Sheryl Crow the last few days. I have not listened to her at all in many months. It seems that there are a lot of things that I have not done for many months. Listening to Sheryl Crow again I have realized that I need to back step a bit. I got on the wrong path. It seemed right and God knows it looked right to me, but then I came to the dead end sign. At least there was a sign. I did not have to travel the length of the road to find out. But I stood there for quite a while not believing the sign was real, but it was and it did not go away. So, I will back track a bit and look for the road that I am supposed to be on.

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