Happy Friday The 13th!!

It is Friday the 13th. I wonder if I should do something freaky.

17 years ago on this day, February 13th also fell on a Friday. I remember because I still have the calendar page that I ripped off the wall from Dukes Italian Beef where I worked at the time. I stopped up there to get my final check. It was late at night, and Dukes was about to close, so I ripped the calendar page off the wall. It was one of those calendars where every day is a separate page. Each one had a big red number on it for the day. This particular one had a big red 13. I still have it packed in my box of memories. I thought I would always want to remember the day that I left my home to go live with my father. I was 16 years old. I was a rebel going to live with a father I barely knew and leaving behind all of the friends and family that I had known for 16 years. At the moment that I tore that calendar sheet off of the wall, I was full of excitement for the adventure I was about to enter with my father. Unfortunately it was all a mirage and I have been lost in the desert ever since. But fortunately now, 17 years later, I am finding my way out of the desert and heading home.

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

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