Circular Motion

I was sitting at Denny’s in the middle of the night hanging out with Jamey and Ben and writing in my journal.  I became inspired by thoughts of spinning and circular motion and philisophical ponderings and wrote the following.


Since it is a bit hard to read on a computer screen in the circular format above, I am typing it out below:

I have always been a dreamer in a cloud, floating above, gliding across the sky, collecting molecules of water that build up to an abundance capable of raining…creating sparks of lightning while playing bumper cloud with others…crashes of thunder…then I kick back on my cloud…laying on my belly, watching the world below.  My cloud causes the sun light to be split into spotlight on the land…I roll around in the fluffiness of my cloud bed…floating high and free…for fun I ride rainbow roller coasters but never get too close to having my feet on the ground…I wish I had wings to fly with the birds and just float on the air…I wonder if I would be able to fly up-side-down…I would dive bomb toward the earth and pull up at the last possible second…wouldn’t it be cool to dance in the air…weightless…no more gravity…spinning through space like a floating top…I would swing on the pendulum with father time…spinning through life on a perfect circle…running around the dreams that exist in my mind…my orbital paths like a continuous circular scribble on paper…I spin, the world spins, the galaxy spins…a constant revolving motion laying tracks of evolution…a continuous stream of moments…like a comic strip of images animated by motion…always a constant motion indicating that I am still alive.

I know…it is kind of lame, but it was cool how I spewed it out in the spiral format.

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