Week Off

For the first time in as far back as I can remember, I am taking time off work without much of an agenda.  No airport security to wait through, no long train rides across country, no long car rides.    Well, sort of.    I am driving my boys to Yuma today for our traditional halfway point to San Diego to meet their Dad so that they can go with him for the weekend.    When I get back, this afternoon, I have a week off of work just for the heck of it…just because I badly need to decompress.

After over a decade of always having 30 hours of things to do in every 24 hour period, I am looking forward to a week with practically no plan.  After five years of college in San Diego while raising young children followed by the day after graduation moving back to Phoenix to start my new and long anticipated career with four years of working days and nights and weekends while raising my children and taking on a HUGE renovation project on my house, and then moving to Florida to help take care of my mom and my very ill father while starting and running two corporations around the clock and raising children and taking on another HUGE renovation project, and finally, moving back here to Phoenix and starting my new job while at the same time trying to finish and close my businesses and, of course, raise my children.   And in the midst of all of this, let’s not forget the constant karate classes, and piano lessons, and guitar lessons, and parent-teacher conferences, and school plays, and sleep-over parties and everything else that comes along with having two active boys.   I have learned how to juggle ten balls in the air while dancing on the tight-rope.  The whirlwind of the last 10 years or so has been non-stop and all-encompassing.

Now I have a week with no children, no job, no sick father, no school, no pressing agenda of any kind.

There are things that I plan to do such as getting my blog up to date, finally organizing my room which I haven’t really done since we moved here, learning more Python, and going to the state fair on Friday.  I am, however, planning at least a couple days of doing absolutely nothing.  I might go hiking or I might just hang out in my pajamas all day.  I am looking forward to feeling what it is like to sleep until noon on a Monday.

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