Christmas Tree Expedition 2008

We woke up this morning ready to head up north to find our Christmas Tree.  We rented a truck that seated seven so that we could all go in one vehicle and have room on top for the tree.   Risa made white chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, Mom and I went to get the truck, then we loaded it up with the saw and clippers and cold weather accessories like hats and gloves and coats.  We all loaded into the truck and headed up north to the Apache Sitgreaves Forest which was our designated cutting area from our permit.  It was an awesome day and we found a fantastic tree.  There was snow up there too so we got to play a bit in the snow.  The weather was in the 40’s.  The forest and scenery was beautiful.

Of course, once we found our tree, we had to haul it back to the truck and that is when we discovered that we had gotten turned around and didn’t know where the truck was.  Jacob and Charlie and I ran through the forest in multiple directions until we found the truck and then went back to get everyone else and the tree and drag it through the snow.  Once we got back to the truck, it was a matter of bundling up the tree in getting it up on the truck.  It was a really big tree!!  Jacob got on top of the truck and Mom, Risa and I lifted it up to him.  Then he and I strapped it to the truck.  After leaving the woods, we drove down to Payson and had some hot cider and tea and then headed home.

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