Cabins In Helen

I went back to Helen, Georgia for four days with the intent of looking at cabins to hopefully purchase one as an investment vacation rental. Dan and I went together so that he could advise me as my business partner. We arrived in Thursday night into Atlanta and made our way to Steak ‘n Shake for some food. Oh, it was soooo good. I really miss having Steak ‘n Shake nearby. By the time we were done, it was pretty late. We thought about stopping at a bar to have a drink, but then thought better of it. Instead, we found a dark, quiet park to pull into and take a nap. We figured we would head to Helen early in the morning. Of course, after about 45 minutes of resting there, the local police decided to pay us a visit and we had to leave. We stopped at a hotel and rested in the parking lot there and I talked on the phone with my local Helen tour guide. Around 6am, we arrived in Helen and I went to the Huddle House to have some coffee and do some writing in my journal.

The moment we arrived in Helen, my heart skipped a beat once again. I cannot even explain in words how magical it is there… like a fairy tale.

For the rest of the day on Friday, we looked at about 12 different cabins. The opportunities are excellent.

Friday night, we made our way to the Hayloft where I had a chance to see my favorite local tour guide. He was busy and distracted and uncertain about our interaction given the complications of it all such as the 2000 miles between us. Our initial talk was emotional and left me feeling somewhat lost. What is this crazy attraction between us? It is so intense. None-the-less, he had to leave to work and I went to the bar with Dan where he was hitting on a hottie and hoping I would help him seal the deal. She was cute and it was fun, but my mind was elsewhere and the drinks were flowing quite freely.

The rest of the weekend was magical and emotional. I wish I could stay there forever.

Sunday I made an offer on a cabin and Monday talked with the bank. Then we left town back to the west.

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