Packing for Helen

Heavily exhausted and highly caffienated, I feel high.  But I am still doing laundry and packing for my trip to Helen.  The last couple weeks have been unreal…work, rental property, finances, the unexpected X 10, customers, projects, family….  not a single aspect of my life over the past couple weeks has NOT been more stressful than usual.  Wonder how much more can really be piled on sometimes, but somehow, I handle it all and do what I need to do and get stuff done.  Somehow my bosses continue to tell me that I am responsible for so much success of the company and praise me for my ability to juggle so many customers and resources and projects… most of the time without eruption.

I am on my second load of laundry and have already begun to pack.  I am hungry but I can’t seem to find anything that appeals to me.  I have a task list that still needs to be done for work tonight and another list of reminders and to-dos for trip preparation.  I performed the final walk-thru with my tenants today as they moved out over the weekend.  Not sure I can think of a worse time than this month for their departure, but I have known about it for a couple months and prepared as much as could be done for it given the time of year.  I met with the contractor this morning to get an estimate on the various repairs to be done in the house before the next tenants move in.  The bid was slightly higher than I had hoped, but that is to be expected as well.  I contacted all three utility companies today to switch the utilities back into my name while it is vacant waiting for the next tenants to call it home.

I think about retirement for a bit, but I cannot fixate on that right now as there are way to many things to do before heading to the airport eight hours from now.  I saw that the plane that is designated for this trip does not have internet, so I suppose I can dream about retirement on the plane in the morning.

I look forward to being in Helen again.  I plan to be working each day as it is not truly a vacation, however, it will be very nice to see Doug and get a better sense of what it is like for us to spend our time together while each of us are working and managing responsibilities.  I pray that the recent constant stream of unexpected crisis will hopefully be behind me, as it will be that much more challenging to handle things remotely.  I have to have faith that my contractor will have my best interests in mind as he handles the renovations on the rental without my oversite.  I am somewhat inclined to wait until I get back to handle the work on the rental, but there is a time factor involved and I would certainly love to be able to get the house rented sooner than later.  Every day that goes by is a loss of income.

I just cannot think about that right now.  I need to figure out what I am going to eat and put the clothes in the dryer and continue packing and get my work done for tonight and get to the airport.

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